Last week when I was planning to buy some books from our local book store I realized that it is no safer to get out of the house and buy books where the store had daily more than 40 people. I don’t want to take a risk of having a look directly at the store during this virus pandemic. So, I preferred the other book stores with websites as its easy to access and I can get all the details of my preferred books like its Availability, Price, and Delivery options. As a regular customer of the local book store, I felt a little sad for the book store that I regularly buy books to lose its customer that also during the pandemic time where the different business is struggling to survive. This made me realize the necessity of a proper website for any business whether it's small or Big. For a Win-Win Situation for both the Sellers and the Buyers, the website is a compulsion of local business to survive in this pandemic time.

While researching about this, I found the Importance of Having a Good Website for any type of Businesses like Sole Proprietorship / Private / Public / Merchandising / Retail / Service / Manufacturing etc. I live in Pune, and I being a Punekar I am proud to say that Pune has housed traditional industries and has seen some spectacular growth in recent years. The city is known for its manufacturing, automobile, government & private sector research institutes, and information technology. It also has further strengths in the educational sector with many educational institutes and a well-developed labor force which is why Pune has been called the “Oxford of the East”. All of these factors, in combination with on-going large scale infrastructure upgrades, have made Pune a premier recipient of an attractive place for foreign direct investment. But because of the pandemic, the offline business here has been slow down. But the online business is still in the run growing than the normal rate.

Websites give each and every Business, a unique online Identity by using its domain name. This adds credibility to the Business. Websites provide the contact details like a contact name, Phone number, Address, and social media links - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to the potential Customers, Clients, and Associates. Websites are the backbone of any businesses, with 81% of the consumers research online before making a buying decision. It supports all digital marketing attention. It is convenient for customers, accessible from anywhere, and Increases sales from online customers. A perfect Business Website a starts generating revenue all year long by reaching its potential customers. In Today’s world, everything from Grocery to Money transfer takes place online. People trust the company or its products based on its website. It makes a positive impression which builds connections with the customers. Moreover, a professional and an authentic website increases the company visibility which attracts more audiences.

We can set up a business website at a reasonable price, for better online engagement. A company with the business website pays for the domain name, web hosting, and development, and write up contents which are cost-effective with positive ROI. The great part about the website is that, if you invest once in it, you can get benefits forever with little maintenance costs and update work. It has lasting value. The larger the item, the people do more research and shopping online. If a Business doesn’t have a website, then they are selling only 7% of its products to the market. That is, the Business loses its market potential nearly by 93%. Designing a website according to the business needs will create an opportunity to beat the competition in the market through search engine optimization.

Websites gain customers outside the company’s geographic reach. This helps to expand the customer base by selling online. It opens the door to our Business beyond ou physical marketing reach - the entire world. Websites also act as a data center providing the resources and the information about the Business. A good example is easy to access the company’s complete products / Services catalog which allows customers to find the product they want, order them or replace them with the other available products. This digital catalogs also saves labor costs and time by avoiding printouts/reprint of products in the catalog and easy update of product pricing in the catalog boosts the sales by increasing orders.

It provides self-service customer support like support Q & As, open forums or the online documented resources, as this helps the users to post the questions, answers, or the comments and feedbacks, improving the overall performance of the customer satisfaction and sales.Online customer service or the 24/7 customer real-time chat box also help customers to get the questions or doubts answered immediately. The users are comfortable with this type of service which generates revenue. The Websites have a far more extensive reach when it comes to digital advertising, as it accomplishes many different marketing strategies to help your business grow. It advertises your business around the web using the social networking sites, Forums or pay-per-click advertising programs. Websites play an an important role in content marketing like blog posts with useful and updated information and email marketing like sending email to subscribers about the new updates, which reach and engage most of the customers.

The maps and directions mentioned in the website, helps users to access with ease and trouble-free. Creating your website is a cost-effective option if you are aware of the technical skills needed for it. It would be a fun and wonderful experience building a website with each and every detail added according to the Business needs. You will enjoy the great benefits of a modern website if it is optimized, Customized, and Designed to give a better chance of converting the users into leads and sales. A website is one of the biggest assets of any business online. If you need help in creating an authentic and professional website for any of your business, contact for a great service.

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